An Introduction To MTG Cards

MTG cards also known as Magic: The Gathering, is a trading card game that was introduced and created in 1983 by mathematics professor Richard Garfield. The most amazing fact is, in an era of technology, this simple card game continuous to grow more and more popular. As a newbie, here are some facts and information that you need to know about the card game.

The Basics
So, each player is identified as a ‘Planeswalker’ A.K.A a really awesome wizard. It is named that way since the player literally walks from one plane to another during the game. Similar to the ‘Shire’ and ‘Hogwarts’, the fantasy universe that you play in is named ‘multiverse’. Each player starts the game with 20 health – which is the term used to describe the life of the player. As a player, you can win be reducing you opponents health to zero.

The Cards
Not only do they look cool, but they are much interesting once you learn their features. Each game has a library. In the beginning itself, you will have to choose a minimum of 60 cards from the library. The game offers unbelievable customization by offering an endless variety of cards. The MTG card prices vary according to their style, type and year of release. Amongst this wide variety, you will be able to choose the cards that you prefer.

The Rules
You should know that each card has its own singular characteristic – that is, is has its own spells, creatures, etc. But when a card is merged with another, you will be able to discover the true capability of the card. As mentioned above, your deck can have a minimum of 60 cards, but you can only own four cards of the same name. The cards have different name such as creature, instant, tribal, sorcery, etc. Many players try to collect all the cards in entire library regardless of the MTG card prices since they are all unique and singular, go here to see more.

Tapping and Board Layout
Tapping refers to the engaging the cards in the play. You can do it by turning to card to 90 degrees. This will indicate that your card’s power is spent. The board layout is divided into three main categories known as the play area, the graveyard for defeated cards and you library.

If you require more information about the game and its rules, you can watch a demo video of the game online. I will give you more closure to the game and the way it is played.